3 Best Bathroom Fans with Bluetooth Speakers (2023)

Enjoying quality air and interesting music simultaneously from a single product is an opportunity that everyone should take advantage of. This is possible with a bathroom fan equipped with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. It’s a piece of modern equipment that performs two basic functions – blowing fresh air and emitting quality audio sounds.

Aside from eliminating heat, airborne pollutants, humidity, and odor from your bathroom, a bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker allows you to enjoy music from your favorite artists. If you desire this premium treatment (getting fresh air and audio performance), then you should consider buying a bathroom fan with a Bluetooth speaker right away.

Though you have the option of buying a portable fan and a Bluetooth speaker separately, you could consider a bathroom fan with a built-in speaker because it saves space and money.

best bathroom fans with bluetooth speaker

Best Bathroom Fans with Bluetooth Speaker: Our Top 3 Picks

There are top-notch bathroom fans with built-in speakers manufactured by different companies in the market. Bathroom fans with built-in speakers differ from one another. That is why you must carefully consider each brand before making buying decisions or settling for a particular brand.

Our research team has done the hard work for you. We devoted much time to scour the market for the best brands of bathroom fans with built-in Bluetooth speakers. Then we compared them based on criteria such as design, features, performance, buyer reviews, versatility, and price.

Following our rigorous research, we recommend these three brands of bathroom fans with speakers:

1. Broan-Nutone SPK80L


Broan-Nutone is recommended as one of the best bathroom fans with a Bluetooth speaker for several reasons. This home appliance is specifically designed to meet the bathroom and music needs of people around the world.


The Broan-Nutone SPK80L weighs about 7.93 pounds and measures 5.75 inches. It is designed with alloy metal and is available in white color. This bathroom fan is equipped with a wireless stereo that’s hidden behind the fan grille and this allows the emission of quality audio performance. It is also built with galvanized steel that prevents corrosion or rusting. It is easy to mount to the ceiling and cannot be installed in other parts of the room.

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the Broan-Nutone SPK80L is 80. It is the volume of air that a fan moves or the air volume that a compressor can supply. The larger the number, the more air it can move. CFM measures the volume of air in cubic feet for each minute it moves.


The Broan-Nutone SPK80L has a LED light that spreads through the entire bathroom to ensure proper lighting. With the LED light, the Broan-Nutone bath fan is able to provide light, ventilation, and quality audio performance – a three-in-one feature.

Broan-Nutone bathroom fan comes with a three-year warranty against damage. This shows that your bathroom fan is protected against damage and will be replaced or repaired if there’s any damage between the first three years of purchase.

Another feature of the Broan-Nutone bathroom fan is its 2×8 coil designed with a round duct that makes it easier to be installed on the ceiling. This particular feature enables you to easily install the product wherever you want to attach it to your bathroom ceiling.

High-resistant galvanized steel also prevents corrosion and rusting from moisture or water. It is made with alloy metal to make it last longer. Bathroom fan sound levels are measured in sones and the Broan-Nutone is built with 2.5 sones. A sone is a unit of loudness. This means that a blowing fan can be loud or quiet depending on its sone level.


The Broan-Nutone SPK80L is capable of providing light, air, and sound. The LED light serves as another source of light in the bathroom, and the fan blows a volume of air at 80 cubic feet per minute; while the audio volume and clarity of the Bluetooth speaker are highly impressive.


  • Three-year warranty
  • Manual instruction/user guide
  • Ventilation plus LED light
  • Quality audio


  • No remote control

2. Home Netwerks Bathroom Fan


Home Netwerks Bathroom Fan is another type of bathroom fan equipped with a built-in speaker. This bathroom fan provides ventilation and high audio performance.  Home Netwerks ventilation fan is built with an integrated Bluetooth-enabled speaker and LED light. It’s a three-in-one combination. It’s perfect for the tech-savvy homeowner with a desire to stream audio music from their mobile device inside their bathroom. Since the Bluetooth speaker is integrated directly into the bathroom fan, there is no need to re-charge the speaker.


Home Netwerks bathroom fan weighs about 8.88 pounds and measures 11.4 inches in size. It is built with ducts to make installation on the bathroom ceiling easy. It is available in white color and designed with glass.


The audio sound is amazing and you can hear it over the shower. If you turn it up loud enough, it carries through the whole floor of the house. The audio sound can be heard clearly up to 30 feet away. The fan is very quiet and does not distort the music at all.


  • Less expensive
  • Manual instruction/user guide


  • Made of glass

3. Broan-Nutone SPK110


Broan-Nutone SPK110 is another bathroom fan equipped with a built-in speaker that comes highly recommended if you want a bathroom appliance with multiple functions.


The Broan-Nutone SPK110 weighs about 11 pounds and measures about 10.5 inches in size. It’s built with plastic and available in white. It is also built with galvanized steel to prevent corrosion or rust.


This bathroom exhaust fan is equipped with a dual, high-fidelity Sensonic speaker with Bluetooth functionality. The wireless stereo speaker is embedded behind the fan grille to enable quality audio performance when connected with mobile devices.

The Broan-Nutone SPK110 allows easy installation to the ceiling because of a round duct that’s embedded in the bathroom fan. Also, it should be known that this bathroom fan with a built-in speaker can only be mounted to the ceiling. Nowhere else apart from the ceiling.

The cubic feet per minute (CFM) of the Broan-Nutone SPK110 is 110. With 110 CFM, the volume of air that will be generated from the fan will be very large. This gives room for powerful ventilation that quickly dries up moisture and removes humidity and odor. Also, the unit of loudness in the Broan-Nutone SPK110 is 1.0 sones. This means that there is the advantage of ultra-quiet performance. With the 1.0 sones feature, the loudness of the blowing fan cannot overwhelm or distort the audio/music performance.

The Broan-Nutone SPK110 is safe to use when installed over a bathtub or shower with a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) protected branch circuit. You do not have to worry about any electrical malfunctions, and the appliance’s safety measures are written in the user guide.


Broan-Nutone SPK110 provides bright light, fresh air, and quality audio sounds. The LED light brightens up your bathroom. The fan’s ventilation is at a volume of 110 CFM. The 1.0 sone level ensures ultra-quiet ventilation performance, meaning that the sound level of the fan cannot drown the audio quality of the sounds from the Bluetooth speaker.


  • Powerful ventilation
  • Sound of fan is quiet
  • User guide/manual instruction
  • Easy installation


  • No remote control

How to Maintain Your Bathroom Bluetooth Speaker Fan

You should maintain your bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker with the extreme care you apply to other home appliances. It is essential to clean it always since it might accumulate dirt. This bathroom exhaust fan cleaning takes some minutes to complete, plus you only need a few tools to get the job done. Learn how to clean a bathroom exhaust fan from the following steps:

You need to first turn off the circuit breaker to the bathroom before you can safely clean a bathroom exhaust fan. Now that you have taken the first step, let’s proceed.

Next, use a ladder that allows you to comfortably reach the ceiling and gently pull off the cover of the bathroom exhaust fan. Some brands of bathroom Bluetooth speaker fans have nuts and bolts. So, ensure there is a screwdriver with you before mounting the ladder.

Moving on, clean the bathroom exhaust fan parts carefully – the cover, fan blade, and the housing. It is advisable that you clean these parts individually.

Fan cover: Use a soft cloth to clean the dust and dirt. Then dry the cover before assembling it back.

Fan blades: Twist the fan and motor assembly to remove the blade from the fan. Then use a soft cloth to clean the fan blades. You can also use a vacuum attachment to reach the inner or hidden dust.

Fan housing: Use a brush to clean the brackets that keep the exhaust fan together.

How to Assemble the Bathroom Fan Equipped with a Built-in Speaker

You should return the fan and motor assembly to the housing area and tighten it with the provided brackets or screws. Then use your fingers to move the fan back and forth to make sure it isn’t hitting anything.

After the cover is completely dry, return it to the bathroom exhaust fan. Press the cover until the clips appear closed.

Then return to your circuit breaker and flip the power back on. Ensure you give the newly cleaned bathroom exhaust fan a test run before resuming its normal activity. Now that your exhaust fan is free of dust and dirt, air can circulate more easily and you can enjoy your bathroom fan with Bluetooth speaker without any issues.