Best Portable Projectors with Built-in Speakers (2023)

Most people prefer to connect their portable projectors to external speakers for excellent audio quality. But there are times when all you need is a simple outdoor setup or you can’t just do a robust setup for logistic reasons. In these instances, having a projector with built-in speakers makes perfect sense. In this article, we’d be looking at some of the best portable projectors with built-in speakers.

projector with built in speakers

Portable Projectors with Built-in Speakers: Our Top Recommendations

After spending several hours identifying dozens of portable projectors with built-in speakers, our research team went ahead to compare the models in terms of picture quality, ease of use, durability, brand trust, and buyer reviews. And after cutting out the low performers from our initially long list, we were left with impressive picks that you shouldn’t go wrong with.

1. Anker Nebula Capsule Max


Anker Nebula Capsule Max is a portable pick with an impressive spec sheet. However, a hefty price tag follows this projector. For shoppers that want an extra portable projector, the Anker Nebula Capsule Max is an option that won’t disappoint.

Unlike other regular mini projectors that come in a small size, this pick is extremely tiny. Measuring just 15cm tall, the projector is actually smaller than most Bluetooth speakers. It is also lighter at 737g allowing you to throw it into your bag with ease. It doesn’t come with a built-in lens protector or a carry bag of its own so you have to be very careful when packing it.

The entire design looks high-end. You will find a black mesh pattern that gives it a premium look while the lens and autofocus sensor takes up the front of the projector. On top, you will find the touch controls including the cursor keys, volume, select, and back.

You can also use the remote control or the Nebula Mobile app to control the device rather than having to move to the projector. You will find all your connectivity options at the rear. The main ports include the power, audio out, HDMI, and USB. There is also a tripod screw mount on the underside of the projector. This should help with height adjustments.

The Nebula Capsule Max runs Android 8.1 and it comes with a pre-installed app that can be accessed once connected to Wi-Fi. There is no Google Play store but you will find Netflix and Prime Video. There is also an ExpressVPN app in case you want to watch content from different regions on Netflix.

There is an 8W speaker built into the projector which is pretty loud depending on the size of the room. It also delivers clear audio but you can always boost the sound by hooking up an external speaker via Bluetooth or the audio jack.

The Nebula Capsule Max comes with a 1280 x 720 resolution that delivers sharp and clear images even at larger screen sizes. The clarity and brightness of the picture are above average especially if you watch from the right distance. The projection size is up to 100 inches which is a nice size for a full family-type projector. The brightness might be a bit of a problem. The projector is not that bright so you might have to restrict your movie viewing to night times. In a dark room, you get the best image quality and clarity.


  • Impressive built quality
  • Comes with Android 9.1
  • 720p resolution
  • Up to 100-inch picture


  • Brightness is subpar
  • No Google Play Store

2. Kodak Luma 150


The Kodak Luma 150 is another high-end option, though a bit over the affordability range but will fit into your pocket with ease. This small rectangular pocket projector features an attractive white frame with gold trim and comes with just about every connectivity option that you will need for your external devices.

Flaunting a rather futuristic design, the Kodak Luma 150 sits on four tiny feet and at the center of the bottom is a threaded hole where you can fix a tripod stand. This comes in handy as you will need a mini tripod to balance the display for a more comfortable viewing experience. On the right side of the projector, you will find the focus which helps to position the image.

There is no automatic focus feature on this projector so you will have to make all adjustments manually by turning on the focus wheel. Next to the focus wheel, is the on-off button. On the left side, you will find all your connectivity options. The regular HDMI, USB, and Micro SD ports will let you plug in your external devices. There is also an audio port for your external headphones and speakers.

On top of the projector, you will find your controls. There is a small silver-colored ring that makes the center button of the four-way controller. When you tap the circle, it will illuminate the otherwise invisible four-point icons around it. These are the volume, forward arrow, back arrow, and volume buttons.

When it comes to features, the Kodak Luma 150 comes with all the necessary options and more. You can mirror your screen from your compatible Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices. The picture quality is great but considering the price, it should have been better. An 854x480p resolution doesn’t do much for most people but the projector does suggest it can support 4K resolution which is a plus.

The contrast ratio of 1000:1 is not the best specs in the market especially if you want crystal clear wide-screening clarity. Fortunately, the projector size is a bit bigger giving you 150 inches of screen to get engrossed in your favorite movies. The brightness factor is still the same. The projector is rated 60 ANSI Lumens.  During the daytime, keeping your room dark will get you the best experience with this projector.

A big plus is that the Kodak Luma 150 gives you 2.5hrs of runtime which is a lot longer than many expensive and even more affordable picks.


  • Stylish design
  • No significant rainbow effect in video
  • Compact and portable
  • Can project video from multiple sources


  • Low native resolution
  • Low brightness

3. Top Vision T6


The Top Vision T6 is not your typical mini projector. For one, it is bulky but has a longer throw distance, will deliver better clarity, and offers more connectivity options. It isn’t the best choice when it comes to portability but if affordability tops your list of preferences, then this projector should be the only option on your mind.

Overall, the spec sheet is impressive. The Top Vision T6 supports 1920x1080p resolution but the native resolution is actually 1280x720p. This means all 1080p videos will be downscaled to 720p. The clarity is still quite impressive which is necessary considering the throw distance. The projection size can be up to 240 inches.

At this range, the 6000:1 contrast does prove helpful. It makes video and images more colorful and vivid and protects your eyes. While being an LCD-type projector, the Top Vision T6 comes with an improved brightness rating of 7500L which should allow you watch your movies and videos in the daytime.

As usual, there is an HDMI, port, TF, audio output as well as 2 USB ports. However, there are extras like the VGA and AV ports. You won’t find these in regular mini projectors. The HDMI port allows you to connect your Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices which are compatible with the projector.

Moving on to sound which is very important for any shopper, this projector features 2 built-in 3W speakers that produce room-filling sound but only when you’re in a small room. You’d have to opt for external speakers if you want to watch movies at the 240-inch screen size.

Overall, the Top Vision T6 is one of the best options on the market. It has a nice image quality, an abundance of ports, and a high-quality build. However, it is not the most portable option on the market. While it is insanely affordable, it won’t fit into your pocket and might require a carry bag of its own which will add to the purchase price.


  • Built-in Hi-Fi stereo speaker
  • 240-inch screen
  • 7500-lumen brightness rating
  • 1280*720 resolution


  • A bit bulky
  • No Bluetooth connectivity

4. ViewSonic M1


With the ViewSonic M1, you could get a large TV in your living room at a fraction of the cost. This projector is everything you would want when it comes to portable options.

The ViewSonic M1 features a rather unique device that does seem innovative but also poses a small issue. It comes with a handle that could also serve as the stand. The handle allows you to carry it with ease while it helps you to set the projector nicely above a surface. Packing the projector with the handle will take up more space than you will expect which might be an issue for some people. It is rather more of an inconvenience than a real problem. However, it does protect the lens when the projector is not in use.

The navigation buttons as well as other controls are located on the back of the projector. It also comes with a remote so you might never have to use them. The lens sits on the futon and just to its side, you will find an adjustment knob to help you focus the picture. You can connect other external decides via its HDEMI USB, and MicroSD ports. The device also comes with 16GB of storage.

At 854 x 480 resolution, you won’t get the most impressive picture quality but there is a claimed 120,000:1 contrast ratio to provide you with crystal-clear image quality. The 250-lumen output ensures that the image reproduction will be bright even in the daytime. It does pretty well in ambient daylight but you might miss out on some details if your room is too bright. The projection size is set at 100 inches which is just about enough for a fun movie night. At this size, you might want to keep the room as dark as possible.

The ViewSonic M1 is designed to deliver room-filling sound. The built-in dual Harman Kardon speakers will work well for most small room users but you will soon want to connect your speakers via the audio output. There is no built-in Bluetooth connection in this device so you won’t be able to connect your Bluetooth speakers.


  • Built-in dual Harman Kardon speakers
  • Smart stand for easy placement
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life
  • Display size of up to 100-inches


  • Not great for playing SD or USB data
  • Picture quality subpar at maximum display size

5. AAXA Technologies KP-101-01


The KP-101-01 is a pocket-size portable mini projector that won’t cost more than the most affordable mini projector but does pack some impressive specs. If you’re looking to go as portable as possible, then this projector will definitely be the perfect pick, however, it is the smallest range projector with a shorter throw distance. It comes with a native resolution of 1280 x 720 which should give you sharper and more detailed images.

The projector has a maximum display size of 60 inches, but keep in mind, that it is rated 25 lumens. At this size, you should be able to enjoy a clear image but only in low light conditions. Another thing to note is the battery has a runtime of 80 minutes which won’t be enough to watch a full movie. You can always recharge the battery and get back to movie viewing.

There are just enough connectivity options to handle all your devices. There is a mini-HDMI input that allows connection of your laptop, Blu-ray player, game consoles, macs, and just about any device with an HDMI output. Unlike other portable projectors that come with a regular HDMI input, the mini-HDMI input will require some extra purchases. You will have to purchase a mini-HDMI to HDMI cable or adapter to connect your devices. The USB and MicroSD inputs will handle your thumb drive and SD cards.

While the KP-101-01 projector comes with a built-in speaker, it doesn’t do much when it comes to sound production. You’re better off purchasing an external speaker and connecting them via the audio output. Once again, there is no Bluetooth connectivity with this option.


  • Pocket-size portable projector
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Impressive picture quality
  • Ample connectivity options


  • Requires a mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter for external devices
  • Short battery life

6. Living Enrichment LE-203


The Living Enrichment LE-203 is another medium-size projector with an impressive spec sheet and features. It is not the most portable option when it comes to choosing mini projectors but it comes with many perks. First, there is a more affordable price tag to this projector. It also features more connectivity options than regular mini projectors. Even at its price, it comes with an enhanced dual-fan cooling system that keeps the projector from heating up even with continuous use and advanced noise cancellation tech that ensures you won’t have to worry about the moving fans.

The LE-203 features a native resolution of 800 x 480 with a brightness rating of up to 5000 lumens. It will support video resolutions of up to 1080p via the HDMI input. The display is impressive in most cases but if you move up to the maximum projection size of 150 inches, you will notice some significant low-quality problems. You can connect your VGA, TF card, 3.5mm earphone, AV, and HDMI devices.

For sound production, there are two built-in Hi-Fi speakers with a noise level of 45dB. You might need to connect your external speakers if you’re in a large room.


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Dual fan cooling system
  • Projection display size of up to 150 inches
  • 1080P Supported


  • Low resolution
  • No built-in Bluetooth connection

7. AKASO FOCUS Mini Video Projector


The AKASO FOCUS Mini Video Projector is an option that will fit right into your jean pocket and won’t require a small fortune to own. This is a fairly affordable projector with a nice range of specs that could rival even more expensive options. The projector uses advanced DLP technology which promises the best in terms of clarity, contrast, and uniformity when producing digital images.

Considering the projector has a resolution of 854*480p, the technology does come in handy. The image clarity is impressive at decent display size, but just like all portable projectors, the brightness still needs some work. The AKASO FOCUS is rated 50 ANSI Lumens so you shouldn’t expect crystal clarity when watching movies in the day. If you switch to night viewing, you won’t have any problems with the picture.

The projector packs a 4,000mAh battery that can be recharged when drained. The best perk is that it delivers up to 2 hours of non-stop movie playing before it runs out of juice. This is way above average when compared to other more expensive models.

The projector has a max screen size of 120 inches. At that size, the picture might seem a little blurry depending on the content you’re viewing. Once again the DLP technology kicks in to ensure that you won’t notice any significant changes when you’re at the right distance from the TV.

Wireless and wired connections are available for hooking up your external device. The Wi-Fi connection allow you to connect your smartphone/tablet. You can also make use of the USB, AV, HDMI, and MicroSD port for other external devices.

A powerful in-built speaker fitted with the best sound technology SRS ensures you won’t have to spend extra on an external speaker. It produces well-balanced sound in most cases even in a large room.


  • Supports multiple external connections
  • Multi-Screen sharing
  • Keystone correction
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Low brightness
  • Can’t cast Netflix and similar services